Surviving Gloomy Days

“Life is like a piano. White keys represent happiness and the black keys show sadness. But as you go through life’s journey, remember that the black keys also create music.”
- Author Unknown

Accepting sadness as just another part of human emotion.

Just like the many other emotions that exist amongst us, sadness is one part of our human emotions too. I believe that it is completely okay to be sad and all of us should understand that none of us should be judging anyone if they do not feel emotionally right someday.

For those of you who would have experienced the intensity of sadness and the pain that it brings along in their lives for any reason that may be for, would know how we can call the sad days as the hardest days of our lives. 

It is definitely not easy to even pass one. And sometimes life puts us into a place where we might have a chapter of sadness that may last days, weeks or even months. 

As much as it is hard to cope-up with your own emotion at this time, it is very important to know that as long as you understand the notion of ‘this too shall pass’, you can deal with this emotion and that too positively. 

Yes, the society does get in the way!

As much as we try to, I know where most of us struggle. Our struggles come from the need of being accepted in our society. We want to be considered as the happy-go-lucky one so people love to be surrounded by us.

It makes me wonder if sadness is really undesirable? Is it not right to feel sad? Or, is it that if your emotions are weak or low someday, there is something really wrong with you?

I know everyone will judge this differently but the one thing that comes into my mind thinking about sadness is that why do people always run away from someone who is sad rather going out and lending a listening shoulder over to them. 

In my understanding, I guess we all will have our moments when life runs you down in some way or when things wouldn’t go as planned and the daily struggles of life does make you feel miserable here and there. 

But what is wrong with it? Why is the society so dogmatic that it automatically tries to label a sad person into a ‘negative’ person?
Whether the scriptures or the books; they all say the same thing, that we have come into this life to spread our love and compassion towards the world. Then what is it that binds us, humans, to be so selfish to everyone out there who might just need a compassionate shoulder who will just be there to listen without judging them?

The world will surely be a different place if everyone learns their lessons of love and kindness towards others. Accepting that everyone here on this planet has their own journey, I wouldn’t touch on this topic much, but what I am attempting is to express that sadness can be dealt with and that too without any external help. All help is available within you but only if you try and learn to tap into it. 

Certainly, for someone who has been through or going through the pain that sadness can give them, it is definitely not easy. But, I want to say that it is not impossible too and there is always hope that will promise to bring fresh light after the darkness. It is a practice that does become a part of you once you have the determination to learn it. 

How do you find that help within you?

At this moment, I really cannot express enough the power of meditation. Meditation will take you to experience that inner silence where you will see all of your hidden and suppressed emotions and one of them will be sadness. 

This silence and looking at your emotions is not an easy thing at all, but it is the only way to overcome your emotions. 

It will help you to learn and accept that every emotion has to exist within us because we are born and came into this universe as human beings. If we could not feel the intensity of our emotions, we will not be any different to the animal world. Like all the other emotions do not stay at the same level at all times; just know within yourself that the sadness will also go away once you have felt it in full swing.

Most of the people will do anything to run away from your emotions especially those ones that run you down. All I emphasise is that you do not have to follow the crowd. The more you run away from yourself, the more it will follow you. 

Accept all your feelings as a part of you, whether good or bad, whether low or high and know that everything is temporary because that is the only absolute nature and reality of life. 

No sentiment and nothing is permanent so instead of running away from it, sit with it. Feel it and embrace it. 

It might sound really scary but once you do this, you will come out of it sooner than before. Once you know that this is temporary, you will not be worried too much about it. You will have your low moments, but at the same time, your mind will also know that this will pass too. 

In my opinion, it may be a hard one to learn but the one that does work and this will help you to not let you stay in a depressive mind zone for long, rather you will learn to come out of it more strongly than ever before.

The only one thing I always emphasise on for anyone who is seeking help in learning to deal with their own selves and their emotions and fears is to learn to seek silence.

Once you make silence (and I mean meditation) a part of your day, it automatically becomes addictive. Because it is in silence when you will be able to not only see life the way it is but also accept life as it is, without feeling the need to change it.

This is the time where you do a proper clean-up of your mind and your thoughts. And who does not know the mess that gets created before the clean-up is done? But at the same time, we all know that once the muddle is cleaned, everything will come up as fresh and new again so we understand that it is worth it to go through the trouble. 

That is the space you should be aiming to create and that is the exact moment when you will be able to make space for the new and let go of the old. 

“Silence is not empty. It is full of answers.”- BUDDHA

Kajal Soni


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