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An ultimate guide to the power of Silence and Meditation

By Serene Mind Body and Souls

"Silence isn’t empty. It is full of answers." - Buddha 

I always wonder isn’t the mad madness of life so mad that most of the people cannot see the real realness in life? 
Along my journey, I have met many people like everyone else and my realisation of life so far is that the majority of our western society is so scared of their own silence and their own sacred company. So many people seems to be so scared of even a simple thought of being alone in their silence and meditation. 
When I refer to silence, I don’t refer to the blocking of the external noise but I am talking about the silence that exists within yourself. Only when you are totally alone and without anyone else, you can connect with the powers that are present in extreme silence, stillness and quietness.
I have seen many people around me who are so scared of their own silence and I believe it is perhaps because only when one is alone and silent is when one can actually scan themselves…

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