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Will I ever be able to LET GO?

BySerene Mind Body and Souls

“And as the night started to appear closer, those thoughts would start to haunt and scream louder than before in my head. 

Moving my way from left to the right, twisting and turning throughout the night, trying to shut the mind off so I could sleep at least for five minutes; when the sun will arise, I had no idea”. 

Letting go is one of the hardest lessons or perhaps for many of us, it is ‘the’ hardest lessons that we have to learn in life.

I am sure for most of us at some point in life, we must have experienced the painful bits of letting go. That letting go can be for anything; for someone, it can be a material thing, for someone else it can be of a successful career or for someone it may be a relationship.  

But in all this, I can be certain of at least one thing that whoever has gone through and walked the journey, they will vouch for this and confirm that letting go is definitely nowhere even close to being as easy as it may sound to our ears.

“The terror o…

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