Is your intuition real?

Have you ever wondered why most people don’t understand how to tap into their own intuition powers?  Why does a majority of our modern society think that following your own intuition is a sheer waste of time which is why many people choose to believe that it even does not exist?

Following your own intuition and guidance is difficult because intuition is an existence beyond our mind and unfortunately our mind always only wants to believe what it has seen.
Things that our mind cannot see is impossible to be conceived as real for our human brains. 

Trusting your own intuition is a just like a blind platform. 

It’s like a man without eyes who cannot see but can still walk around with the help of his walking stick. 
But what really does make that man walk around even without having his eyes? In my own expression, I think it is the faith and trust that he has in the existence that he will be okay to walk even being without eyes and he will always be provided and looked after by the higher powers. 

Intuition is just like that blind man. It is trusting something that has no physical form but something that is beyond the understanding of our brains and intellect. 

And unquestionably it is not easy to follow your own intuition because the ego comes in our way which is a form that exists in every individual that constantly whispers in your own mind that you will be a fool if you listen to something that does not exist. Our mind’s job is to consistently analyse things on the basis of facts and logic. That is exactly the design of our human brains. 

But when we talk about intuition, we talk about listening and believing into something that doesn’t really have any shape, form or logic. It comes from your own higher self. The only way you will listen to your own higher self is when you are in silence and when you tap into that level of consciousness that exists beyond mind. And the only way to listen to that higher self of yours is when you are in meditation.

As someone once said; “Prayer is talking to God and Meditation is listening”.

Consistent meditation practice develops a skill where you can just sit with your own silence and stillness. It is a platform where you can just ‘BE’ without analysing and judging your life. It is just a plain simple place where you accept your life as is without having any special need to change, control or avoid your life. 

And once you accept things the way as they are, that is when you can go past your own mind and you allow yourself to stop coming in the way of your own life which is exactly when you find the real answers. Real answers to all those questions that you are constantly seeking to be answered outwards.

But the irony is; that the only time we get those answers is when we stop looking and seeking and just sit in silence and be in meditation. You may choose to call it your intuition, your guidance or name it anything else, but all I am suggesting to you is that whatever it is, it is absolutely real and you must learn to believe in it.

Your mind will constantly come up with a hundred reasons that this is not real and your life will be a disaster if you act by your own intuition and if you don’t choose to live your life by your mind, your intellect. But you must not give up and yet develop a consistent practice of meditation. It is only once you learn to be in that silence, your intuition will talk to you more strongly and deeply than before. 

Choosing to believe in your own answers is a matter of choice. Most people choose to ignore all the red flags, all the warning signs and all the danger signals just because they choose to see a specific outcome. Anything that makes them see their life different to what they desire, is something that a person without meditation chooses to ignore. But what the real yogis have said is that ignorance will never lead you anywhere. Unless you are willing to face and listen to the things the way they are, you will always keep being busy just avoiding life. 

And you can go on avoiding it until death comes, but what is the whole point. You will lose the entire real purpose of your existence and your real being. Joy will always be something of ‘tomorrow’ and the present will always stay like a suffering. 

So, the only real question is that, are you willing to walk this path? Are you willing to leave the conditioning that has been given to you by the society and will you believe in that whisper that your soul wants to gently scream at you so you can just listen for once? Are you willing to believe in something that has no physical form but exists more powerful than all?

Ask yourself, ARE YOU WILLING? 

Kajal Soni


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