An ultimate guide to the power of Silence and Meditation

By Serene Mind Body and Souls

"Silence isn’t empty. It is full of answers." - Buddha 

I always wonder isn’t the mad madness of life so mad that most of the people cannot see the real realness in life? 

Along my journey, I have met many people like everyone else and my realisation of life so far is that the majority of our western society is so scared of their own silence and their own sacred company. So many people seems to be so scared of even a simple thought of being alone in their silence and meditation. 

When I refer to silence, I don’t refer to the blocking of the external noise but I am talking about the silence that exists within yourself. Only when you are totally alone and without anyone else, you can connect with the powers that are present in extreme silence, stillness and quietness.

I have seen many people around me who are so scared of their own silence and I believe it is perhaps because only when one is alone and silent is when one can actually scan themselves so much in detail that they get extremely fearful. Once they are clearly able to see themselves and observe what is actually going on within themselves, it is quite confronting and most of the people do not want to get through that pain of knowing. Keeping the eyes closed is rather comfortable for a majority of them. As much as you all would like to know everything, it is important to know that the true 'knowing' is painful.

Most of the people who are born in this life leave the planet one day constantly trying and struggling hard to suppress and bury their own issues within themselves. 
They keep waiting for the tomorrow to come and the right time to arrive before that can start any deeper healing work on themselves. They are always waiting for the old age to start meditating, to practice calmness, to be more composed, to be more spiritual. 

How astonishing it is that most of our society thinks and believes that meditation is for only for old age and there is plenty of life left to begin practising it. I wonder why this stigma is there and why meditation is so-called considered by many as something that should only be practised by depressed, stressed or anxious people? 

This all really made me sit and think; what is it that pushes people away from sitting in their own silence and discovering their real being. I discovered that people in our society do not really want to see things the way they are. The real issue is that most of the people want life to be the way they desire and they want their future to unfold exactly as per their plan.

But do we really have the control? Do you really think that your future can be decided and designed exactly as per your dreamy vision board? 

Yes, I know to some extent we can work with the law of attraction and attract life the way we want but then what about KARMA- a much a deeper perspective? If only the law of attraction in iself can make riches then why will poor even exist in this world? Don’t you think that your life could be a realistic combination of both the law of attraction and karma?

Well, maybe it’s a different way of looking at life but for one moment if we do think that maybe if it can be a possibility, each human being should authenically start to be a lot more accepting of things simply the way they are rather than constantly trying hard and struggle for life to exactly mirror our own design?

But of course, at the same time, it is not that easy to accept things the way they are. When things are perfect in our life then all kinds of laws are acceptable. Karma is beautiful and the law of attraction is magical. But the real test of your wisdom comes when things are not falling into place the way you want them to.

When things are all out of place and not the way you wish, that is when you put your mindfulness into practice and that is where your mind needs to be controlled. 
If the mind continues to control you then one day it will consume your whole life and you won't even have time to realise where all this time went and what all did you do with your life.

Time is never enough to start something new and tomorrow will never come. 

The right time doesn’t exist. Your future is in your hands and when I say future, I do not mean taking in control things that must happen in your life but it is really about how to 'handle' things that happen in your life so you don’t stay behaving like a victim to life and you don’t grow old thinking that the existence hates you. 

Life is not a fairytale for anyone of us. Things will happen and many hardships will come. How YOU will run through them is what wisdom and strength are all about. 

So, may I now invite you to ask yourself at this moment; Why 'Silence'? What is the whole purpose of it?

Silence is where the real answers lie, Silence is Meditation, Silence is the time with yourself and Silence is the true Healing. 

But, at the same time, acknowledge and be aware of the harsh truth too and that is when you start to meditate, dig deeper into yourself and start to peel off all your layers one by one, it is not going to be an easy journey. The healing will not happen in just one day.  You have to go through the whole trouble of cleaning the mess before your life can start looking cleaner again. The journey of healing is troublesome and painful.

I have read this across so many times that "You have to feel it before you heal it" and this is so very true. When you go through the feeling phase you will come across numerous occasions where you mind triggers you to stop right there. The mind says why to go through the pain when you can just suppress and continue to live like this. It will keep asking you to let it be the way it is as that is its comfort zone and that is the only place it knows. 

Continuing the normal habitual ways is easy in life, yes I do agree to that.

But no matter how painful the journey is, a thousand dollar question is; Can you sit with your own self and most of it embrace your own silence even if it is scary? Can you embrace it so much that you are willing to walk the path even after you come across a thousand hurdles and you fall so many times? Are you willing to continue to meditate and be in your silence even when the results are missing? Can you continue without expectations?

As long as you don’t give up, the only thing that will happen is that you will keep continuing. As long as you will continue, life will direct you onto the right path. And as long as you are willing to listen, you will be always guided. 

Embrace yourself. Embrace your existence. Embrace your aloneness. 
Silence is Golden so make time every day to sit with yourself and with God because all answers will come when you are alone.

If you cannot be alone and be with yourself then you can never be strong enough. Silence and Meditation will give you that power to be strong and resilient no matter how hard the journey is. 

So, play your music so loud in your silence that you never crave for any other music. Love your company so much that you desire nothing but your own being. 

Kajal Soni


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